Soon we are moving to a new airbrushing studio where the main office and paint shop will be located (picture above).


We perform all the stages of painting works on raw car bodies. We also prepare the car body for painting, taking care of the smallest details in order to achieve the effect with world-class quality.


We have equipment for metal blasting, which guarantees 100% certainty that the material we get in raw form (often with a thin layer of rust) won’t further corrode after such a procedure and the customer will enjoy a long-standing vehicle operation.


Our pneumatic equipment is powered by a top-quality rotary-screw compressor, which allows for a high performance culture and the lack of any problems at the interface of water/oil/air.

We have a varnish mixing machine at our disposal, so it is possible to choose a new colour at any time. Additionally, we cooperate with three local varnish mixing plants, which help us eliminate any doubts with regard to the choice of colour.


We make any artistic graphics, i.e. technically advanced graphics as well as muted, classic projects which require a similar precision.

The final stage of custom painting in our workshop is to bring the coating to perfection by mechanical polishing. This process is preceded by hand-rubbing of the varnish in order to obtain an ideally smooth surface.


We use three kinds of protective finish coat of our product – gloss, matt, matt/gloss.

Motorcycle parts which have been covered with gloss colourless varnish always undergo heating. Only this method allows for the perfect hardening of the varnish and the adequate protection of the graphics, as well as the durability of the glassy effect, achieved after mechanical polishing.

Every work finished with matte paint is first protected with an appropriate amount of gloss colourless varnish. This enables us to achieve a perfect surface while protecting its graphics against mechanical damage, like a scratch or a chip.