Soon we are moving to our new Airbrushing studio (picture above). We decided to place our Airbrushing studio far away from the bustle of the city. Our new facility has got an office, a studio, and a painting shop, all incorporated into a relaxing forest landscape. More about it coming soon...


While co-operating with our customers, we are responsible for making a visualisation from a draft to computer graphics. We usually work on the basis of motorcycle pictures provided by our customer. This helps us to present our project perfectly, making it compatible with the whole body.

When we start to carry out our project, all works are sent to our customer’s e-mail as pictures in order to eliminate any misunderstandings. Thus, our customer is sure that earlier agreements come true, which makes our work quicker.




We use professional equipment, which helps us create artistic works without any impurity.

Our works are made with the use of materials available on the market and we can achieve any effect and, thus, we are not limited to one style, but we are able to generate such paintings which will meet the expectations of every client.

Our experience has enabled us to create our own base of techniques / effects that can be used successfully while painting, which makes the final work even more attractive.



Artistic works which may seem quite simple in many cases are not so at all. Even apparently simple graphics very often require multiple paintings. It aims at eliminating unevenness, which may occur as a result of joining colours in a sharp way, as well as at achieving the purity of the work.

It is not possible to get perfect shots, which look as if they went out of a printer, without the techniques described above. Such operations generate more work, but they are necessary to get a product which can be defined as top-shelf.

We try to create such artistic works which can be recognized by our individual "line".

We aim at individuality with regard to airbrushing, but this is the last part of the puzzle during our work. You can read more about the basics which are immanent parts of the whole process in the section called WORKSHOP.